Can of Bliss

From to their website:
Can of Bliss Logo
Can of Bliss changing the way consumers experience cannabis one can at a time. We are bringing consumers closer to the farmers and the strain than ever imagined.

Together we can.
Can of Bliss plays a key role in helping support craft growers by partnering with them to bring their cannabis flower to market. You can think of us like a record label, signing on existing stars with hits you’ve heard and up-and-coming artists that will soon be known all over. This approach gives us the ability to create a timeless collection of 'hits' that captures the stories and personality of the producers that put California on the map.

What goes into a Can of Bliss?

We designed packaging to celebrate the cannabis flower and protect it on its journey from the farm to your hands and on your adventures, following your bliss.

UNIQUE ID - Every can has a unique ID that lets you access test results and details about the grow, and helps connect you with the farmers that produced your batch of cannabis.

HERMETICALLY SEALED - To keep the cannabis as fresh as the day of harvest, we use a proprietary process to evacuate out elements that can degrade the flower before sealing it up.

RESEALABLE LID - Our cans are designed with an airtight seal to lock in both freshness and odors.

WORLD CLASS CANNABIS - We actively search for the best flower available, using a system where growers rate & review the cannabis in double blind tests and correlate those results with lab tests.

PORTABLE & RECYCLABLE - The rugged design makes this the perfect container to carry cannabis on the go. Smooth edges make it easy to slip into your pockets or bag.