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Back in the early 2000s, I began investigating cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential health benefits for people and our beloved pets. I had been experiencing chronic pain most of my life and nothing seemed to heIp, so after several misdiagnoses I finally took health into my own hands. At the time I was also helping my mother with dog rescues (she still fosters and finds homes for several animals every year). Between skin conditions, bone issues, joint problems, infections, cancer and emotional distress, there was a great need for an affordable, alternative approach to sustaining health. Our dogs were responding well for multiple conditions, as were my mom and me.

I quickly began sourcing and eventually growing my own high quality CBD hemp plants, we have been making quality CBD oil with consistent results for 10 years now. At the time I couldn’t accept how the majority of CBD companies were treating people and more importantly our pets! I saw too many people and too many animals in situations where they needed love, genuine help and compassion….but instead we were being treated as sources of income by our doctors and vets. Constantly being put off by companies’ methods I decided to move to Colorado and begin my own CBD company.

Sourcing CBD was hard. To make good CBD, you needed good legal CBD-rich hemp plants. And people weren’t using CBD-rich plants – they still aren’t. But one of my best friends is the pioneer and breeder “inventor” of the best CBD-rich hemp strains available! How lucky was I to meet this very good friend as soon as I moved out to Colorado! We both wanted to make CBD more available, we both wanted to do it the best we could and help as many people and animals as possible. Using organic practices, CBD-rich hemp and safe extraction methods, we had done it….we made the best CBD oil that was available!

It was my best friend,my great dog Buca, that not only inspired our Buca Biscuits, she also inspired me as a person to create Fully Activated as a company. Buca was never sick. She was on a daily regime of CBD from the time she was a pup until she died of old age. It breaks my heart to have lost her….I wanted her to live forever. But I know she had great life. I want all of your animals to be healthy and happy also…..so I upped our production, printed labels, and started spreading the word. Fully Activated was born. I missed my dog so dearly but all I could think at the time was that she would be so happy with what I was doing. Buca is genuinely my greatest inspiration.

We use a “farm-to-lab” small-batch approach, creating our Colorado-grown hemp CBD products within 15 miles of the farm. Our focus remains on educating and making quality CBD products accessible to every human and animal.

For the benefit of all beings!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Nick Russo

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Fully Activated
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