The Hemp Barn

From their Website:

We are passionate about the hemp industry and will only sell tried and true products from reputable companies that share our passion.  We believe CBD should be affordable for all walks of life and only carry products from companies who practice ethical pricing and farming practices.  Everything you see on this site we have personally tried and comes from a company that we know on a personal level. This ensures we know the complete history of our products from seed to shelf.

About Us


I created The Hemp Barn because there was a void in the CBD market for fully traceable, transparent and affordable hemp derived CBD products.  I have personally been involved in the cannabis industry for over 15 years and was appalled by the price gouging, questionably quality and lack of transparency by several CBD companies and their products.  The same people who risked their lives paving the future of the cannabis industry were getting pushed out and taken over by big corporations who had little interest in the cannabis industry other than profits.  Because of this, the majority of hemp derived CBD products are price gouged for a quick cash grab and of questionable quality.  We are a small business and believe small business is the backbone of our country!  We may not have the largest selection of products but we believe in quality over quantity. 

You will notice a lot of companies claiming their products are lab tested and fully traceable yet are unable to provide lab results, what farms grew the hemp, how it was farmed( organic?, no pesticides?, etc.), what lab and extraction method was used.  Unlike them, we can!  Since we personally work with local farms and clean, registered labs we know the complete history of all of our products and can answer all your questions in terms of lab results, pesticides, who grew the hemp, where was it manufactured and what extraction method was used.