Evo Hemp Hearts Plus CBD
Evo Hemp Hearts Plus CBD
Evo Hemp Hearts Plus CBD

Evo Hemp Hearts Plus CBD

Evo Hemp
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Full Spectrum Evo Hemp Seeds Plus CBD

by Evo Hemp

Ingredients: Raw shelled hemp seeds

Size: 8 oz

Use Hemp Hearts for:

  • Toppings
  • Smoothies
  • Dips
  • Baking

One serving of Evo Hemp Hearts+ contains 15mg of CBD, 10 gram of protein, 7.5 gram of Omega-6 LA and 3 gram of Omega-3 LA. Grown and processed in the United States.

Native American Grown in Colorado

Manufacturer's Profile - https://evo-hemp.com/

Lab Report

 "Simply the best plant based source of protein out there. With 33% protein by weight, including all the essential amino acids, this little seed has everything you need.

Hemp seeds have a multitude of nutritional benefits. Technically a nut, this superfood offers a host of vitamins, fatty acids, and other benefits!

Nutritional benefits:

  1. Rich in healthy fats! Hemp hearts are over 30% fat and contain great fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6. Hemp also contains GLA, which is harder to find and prevents inflammation. GLA also helps to bind and balance the body’s hormones.
  2. Great source of protein! More than 25% of hemp seed’s calories are protein! This is more protein than both chia seeds and flax seeds.
  3. Vitamins! Hemp seeds also offer vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and many more.
  4. Packed with antioxidants like fiber! Hemp seeds help the digestive system and boost daily energy
  5. Better heart health! hemp hearts keep cholesterol and blood sugar at healthy levels and improve blood circulation.
  6. Improves skin, nail, and hair!  Hemp products keep skin tone even and clear and open up pores. Additionally, hemp moisturizes skin and hair and keeps dryness and itchiness at bay. Hemp also promotes hair growth and prevents breakage.

You can get these benefits from hemp in so many ways! Hemp seeds taste great on toast, salad, yogurt, oatmeal, rice, and veggies. You can also blend them into a smoothie or sprinkle them on top! Hemp can also be consumed in bars, protein powder, milk, and oil."

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