Hemp Wick Roll - 25ft

Hemp Wick Roll - 25ft

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Ingredients: American-grown hemp fiber and small farm, ethically sourced, Michigan beeswax

Works perfectly with the Bamboo Hemp Wick Dispenser

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"Want a HEALTHIER way to inhale? Switch to an all-natural OrganicFlame hemp wick! Flavor is number one for smokers! Why taint it with a flint and butane lighter? Well, it’s the same reason cigar smokers all over the world are already using our wick regularly. Flavor is key when you’re choosing to inhale anything. For camping, use OrganicFlame is prefect, survival kit, peppers kit and backpacking.

How to Use OrganicFlame Hemp Wick:
– Wrapping around a lighter
– Cigars or tobacco products
– Medical Cannabis
– General Smoking Needs
– Lighting or making candles
– Camping / Bonfire Starter
– Wrapping around plants to attract bees (ie help pollination)
– Waterproof fire starter
– Natural and Organic BBQ Lighter
– Extended lighter for hard to reach areas
– Plant and garden ties
– Candle Lighting/ candle wick

– Better health
– Light up without the butane and chemicals
– Waterproof
– Long-lasting
– Easy to use and transport

OrganicFlame Hemp Wick comes with 20 lbs. test strength, is waterproof and flammable. Hemp is a very long lasting fiber great for strength and slow burning. Roll a few feet into a ball and ignite in kindling for use as the perfect fire-starter. Inhalation of butane and flint vapors is toxic and not good for your health! Not to mention the taste is bad, leads to more dry mouth and headaches! Avoid the risk butane poisoning and try out some beeswax dipped hemp wick by your friends at OrganicFlame!
Beeswax: Waterproof beeswax is an ancient form of waterproofing as it creates an impenetrable coat around the wick. Hence, OrganicFlame can be soaked for hours and still ignite! (Perfect for outdoor expeditions!) Beeswax protects the hemp fibers from water until burned, so it will naturally burn off the water.

Negative ions: Did you know? Burning beeswax produces negative ions in the air. Negative ions are believed to increase levels of serotonin, the mood-enhancing biochemical in our brains. They are found in environments like mountains, beaches, and waterfalls. Better than clean burning fuel!

Our Hemp Wick Process:

Hemp Wick is our passion and we do not take it lightly! We take small farm, ethicly sourced, Michigan beeswax combine it with just the right amout of organic honey and add that to our all natural American hemp to give you an ideal recipe for the the best burn quality, feel and aroma. Each Organic Flame roll is then hand spun by an OrganicFlame certified employee before being hand inspected and sent to you!"

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