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Nano Enhancer - Water Soluble CBD 900mg

Nano Enhancer - Water Soluble CBD 900mg

Infinite CBD
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Moonlight CBD Lip Balm Infinite CBD All NaturalMoonlight CBD Lip Balm Infinite CBD Isolate

by Infinite CBD

Ingredients: Nanotized CBD isolate, MCT oil

THC Content: Not Detected

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"Do you have a favorite product you wish to add the potential benefits of CBD to? NANO CBD Enhancer can be added to almost any and every thing. Place only a few drops into any of your favorite products for the a rapid onset of potential benefits. Experience NANO CBD without going too far outside your comfort zone. Add NANO CBD Enhancer to your favorite smoothies, face wash, wine or toothpaste. Not only does Enhancer offer CBD but the nanoparticles offer quick absorption without many nutrients going to waste."

    Customer Reviews

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    Good night sleep

    I have switched from taking other herbal combination of chamomile and reishi mushroom to this CBD nano enhancer . I am mixing 3 drops/ 4.5 mg. of this pure solution into my evening vege drink to enhance deeper sleep. It works so well and saves money too.


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